2022 in Review

Dec 29, 2022#blog#career

Another year has come and gone. COVID-19 is not gone, but it’s no longer the top story. This is my annual look back at the headline grabbing news events of the past 12 months tells the story in tech.

Rust is the future of JavaScript infrastructure. Created by Mozilla, used at FAANG for systems infrastructure, encryption, virtualization, and more low-level programming. This year Rust is being used to replace parts of the JavaScript web ecosystem like minification (Terser), transpilation (Babel), formatting (Prettier), bundling (webpack), linting (ESLint), and more.

Cryptocurrency had a whirlwind of a year with ups and downs. The fall of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange is still under investigation. And, with the fluctuating price of cryptocurrency, people question how it is valued.

Quiet quitting became a popular term in 2022 for employees limiting their tasks to those in their job descriptions. People didn’t quit their jobs but wanted to avoid working long hours. Quiet quitting is a rejection of hustle culture, along with going above and beyond to meet the “work is life” mentality.

NFT. A non-fungible token is a unique asset with an identifying code on the blockchain that authenticates ownership. NFTs can be items such as cartoons, trading cards, virtual real estate, images and video clips.

Web3 is the latest generation of web technology that continues to evolve. It is the foundational layer of how the internet is used for website and application services. Web3 differs from other versions with a stronger emphasis on decentralized applications and the increased use of blockchain technologies, machine learning and AI to make it more interactive and adaptable.

ChatGPT is a large language model chatbot developed by OpenAI based on GPT-3.5. It has a remarkable ability to interact in conversational dialogue form and provide responses that can appear surprisingly human.