What are main() and __name__ in Python?

Unlike some other programming languages, Python doesn’t have a specific built-in main() function that is automatically executed when the program starts.

Apr 20, 2024#python

How Machine Learning Algorithms Works in AI Tools?

Machine learning (ML) algorithms act as the brains of artificial intelligence (AI) tools. They are not like ordinary software that is trained by providing proper instructions.

Apr 19, 2024#AI#ML#tools

How Image to Text Converters are Streamlining Businesses

Traditional paper-dependent workflows are not only daunting and time consuming tasks, but even they lead to straight challenges and post security risks.

Apr 18, 2024#tools#converters

StateObject vs ObservedObject in SwiftUI

Use StateObject when the view is the source of truth for the object, ObservedObject when the object’s lifecycle is managed outside the view, such as when it’s passed into the view.

Apr 18, 2024#swiftui

Mastering Swift

Welcome to the world of Swift, one of the most powerful and elegant programming languages designed to date. With its clean syntax, modern….

Apr 12, 2024

Top 3 methods to filter a list in Python

Python offers versatile list filtering through list comprehensions, filter() function with lambda expressions, or comprehensible conditional statements for concise data manipulation.

Apr 11, 2024#python

An example using builder pattern in Swift

The builder pattern allows you to create objects with varying configurations without the need to have multiple constructors with different parameter combinations.

How to install sqlite3 on macOS

SQLite comes pre-installed on macOS, so you typically don't need to install it separately. If not you have a few options to install it using Homebrew or download from the official website.

Different ways to parse JSON data in Swift

Choose Codable for well-defined JSON structures, JSONSerialization for simple parsing tasks or legacy codebases, and SwiftyJSON for dynamic or exploratory parsing needs.

Apr 07, 2024#swift#json

How to run LLMs locally on your machine

You can fine-tune parameters, configure models according to specific requirements, and integrate with other local tools and libraries as needed.

Apr 06, 2024#AI#ML#LLM

Difference between KVO and KVC in Swift

While KVO and KVC are related and both are part of Cocoa's observation mechanism, they serve different purposes and operate at different levels of abstraction.

Apr 04, 2024#swift#objc#ios

How to disable ESLint rules per line, file, or folder

ESLint statically analyzes your code to quickly find issues. It examines your JavaScript code for problematic patterns, potential bugs, and deviations from coding standards.

How to become an SDET: A step-by-step career guide

How to become an SDET is one of the major search terms by tech aspirants who want to get into tech careers and seasonal personnel who want to start a new career.

Apr 01, 2024#career

iOS biometric authentication with Face ID and Touch ID

Supplement your own authentication scheme with biometric authentication, making it easy for users to access sensitive parts of your app.

Mar 27, 2024#ios#security

How to achieve dependency injection manually in Swift

In DI, dependencies are provided to it from an external source, typically through constructor injection, property injection, or method injection instead of a class creating itself.

Mar 24, 2024#swift#patterns