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Feb 25, 2024#AI#ML#tools

cover is programmed using advanced machine-learning programming and is employed to enhance the quality of your audio and sound recordings.

This exquisite tool can be used by videographers, YouTubers, podcasters, lecturers, and musicians; especially freshers who can’t afford to buy expensive recording products. works automatically and improves the quality of the audio in minutes. It analyzes the audio, quickly identifies the problematic portions, and fixtures them with its artificial intelligence. The same enhancement would manually take hours to complete.

This tool is great at fixing audio from different angles including quality improvement, noise reduction, speech clarification, and fixing various sound levels. It is thus super helpful for podcasters, videographers, YouTubers, and musicians.

In this review, we are going to focus on its features, uses, pricing, and frequently asked questions. This will help us clarify the usability of the audio enhancer.


Features of offers many features, making it a top-notch tool for audio enhancement and noise removal.

  1. Noise Removal

Noise destroys effectivity of your content and diverges the audience. The noise removal aspect of this gadget helps us remove different types of noises:

  • Continuous noise that stays the same in the audio.
  • Variable noise that contains both loud and soft noises.
  • Impact noise is a sudden burst of sound.
  • Low frequency noise is the toughest noise to remove and is usually in the form of low continuous sounds in the background. can effectively remove all these types of noise and make your audio or voice recording perfect.

  1. Speech clarification

In the voice recordings, speech sounds often become unclear due to hissing sounds, constant and vowel mixing, etc. which confuse and also repel the audience.

Speech clarification explicates the speech sounds and makes them sound clear and right and helps avoid confusion.

  1. Quality improvement

Quality improvement means clarifying the sounds and removing the noises to make the audio sound crisp and clear. A high quality sound attracts the audience’s attention, entertains them, and induces them to engage with your content. is a special quality improvement feature that improves the overall quality and makes the content attractive and engaging.

  1. Lyrical & Musical Enhancement

Lyrical and musical enhancement is harder because speech sounds are different from musical sounds and both have different qualities. effectively distinguishes between speech sounds and musical sounds and effectively enhances each type. Lyrical and musical audios are enhanced without losing any important sound which makes it an impeccable option for singers and musician

  1. Sound Equalization

It is an important feature that equalizes the sound in the audio. Sometimes an audio has a mixture of both soft and loud sounds with sounds rough. The sound equalization feature fixes the loudness and softness and brings them to an equal level which makes the audio sound equal.

  1. Sound Level Fixing fixes the level of frequency, pitch, bass, amplitude, loudness, and softness and brings them to normal ranges so that the audio will sound clear and pleasing to the ears.

  1. Simple interface

This audio enhancer has a simple interface that makes it easy to understand and use. According to statistics, 10/10 of the users find it super easy to handle.

  1. Input size accepts audio or videos of variable length, a user can enhance audio of 5 mins for free.

The tool can enhance the audio and videos of 1-15 hours duration using the premium version.

All these features make an exquisite and useful gadget for lecturers, podcasters, videographers, YouTubers, musicians, etc.

Uses of is a super useful tool with applications in various areas, some uses are described below:

  1. This AI audio improver is used to automatically improve the sound quality of audio and video recordings.
  2. This AI tool improves the sound by removing the noises from the background.
  3. It is used to clarify speech sounds and make them audible and intelligible.
  4. It is used to improve the overall quality of the sound in the audio or video to make it engaging and attractive.
  5. It is used to equalize the sounds in the audio or video recording.
  6. It is used to effectively improve musical and lyrical sound recordings.
  7. It is quite useful as it enhances the audio or sound according to the type of content i.e. content-based improvement.
  8. It is used to perfectly enhance the audio within minutes.

Pricing of is a freemium AI audio improver. The users can use it for free and enhance audio that is 5 minutes in duration. For free usage, there is no need to make an account, so you can use it anonymously.

However, if you want to enhance audio larger than 5 minutes i.e. a few hours long then you need to buy a monthly subscription. There are three subscriptions available:

  • Basic - costs $10 and enhances audio of around one hour.
  • Pro - costs $45 and enhances audio of around 5 hours.
  • Studio - costs $90 and enhances audio of around 15 hours.

Select any subscription that fits your needs, all three options are super budget-friendly and provide exquisite results.


Frequently Asked Questions -

How does Work?

It works using AI technology. The audio is first analyzed, problematic areas are identified, and lastly, the problems are fixed to enhance the audio.

Who can benefit from using

It can be used by online lecturers, podcasters, videographers, YouTubers, and singers.

How features of help to enhance audio? offers 4 different options for audio enhancement i.e. improve the quality, reduce the background voice, clean up the speech, and fix the loudness and levels.

Do we have to manually enhance the audio?

No, the tool works automatically on the uploaded audio and videos and enhances them without human assistance.


In the end, We hope that this guide is helpful for you and you will be able to use to improve the quality of your audio and video content. Give a shot and share your remarks with us in the comments below.