How To Pass Data Up & Down in SwiftUI

You typically use @State and @StateObject to hold data as single source of truth, then passing around using @Binding, @ObservedObject, @EnvironmentObject, custom environment values, or preferences.

JavaScript `this` Binding in Common Contexts

In JavaScript, the "this" keyword is very flexible and confusing, evaluated at runtime, can have different values depending in which context it appears.

Swift AnyObject, AnyClass, Any, and `any`

Swift has special types to work with nonspecific types, useful in certain scenarios because they provide a lot of flexibility in working with different types of data.

How Senior Developers Sabotage Interviews

We'll explore some reasons why experienced developers may fail in coding interviews, be aware and to take steps to improve, and ultimately increase chances of success.

Web Manifests: The Key to PWAs Success

Web manifest is a simple JSON file that provides metadata about a web app, including essential information for web apps to behave like native apps on mobile devices.

Mar 20, 2023#webdev#javascript

Why Rust has Such a Complex Syntax

Rust has a complex syntax because it is a systems programming language that aims to provide low-level control over computer hardware, while also maintaining safety and performance.

Mar 19, 2023#rust

Unpacking the Magic of Web Minification

The minified file version provides the same functionality while reducing the bandwidth of network requests, which can result in faster page load times and better overall user experience.

Swift Advanced Custom Pattern Matching

When you use pattern matching in Swift, the compiler uses the `~=` operator behind the scenes to match the value against each case pattern.

Should I Learn Rust or Go in 2023?

While both languages are designed to be efficient and safe, they have different strengths and weaknesses that make them suitable for different types of applications.

Mar 16, 2023#rust#go

How to Start a Side Project Successfully

Starting a side project can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging to get it off the ground and ensure its success.