How to use match-case statement in Python

A feature introduced in Python 3.10, which provides pattern matching capabilities, allows you to compare an expression against a series of patterns.

Jul 14, 2024#python

Different ways to loop through a list in Python

Looping through a list is a fundamental concept in programming and is crucial to process each element individually, create new lists based on existing ones.

Jul 13, 2024#python

How to use requirements.txt file in Python

This file makes it easy to install the required packages using a package manager, each line typically contains the name of a package, optionally followed by a version specifier.

Jul 11, 2024#python

How to create gradient colors in SwiftUI

SwiftUI provides excellent support for creating and customizing gradient colors in your user interfaces. This allows for creating visually appealing and dynamic effects.

Jul 10, 2024#swiftui

How to remove duplicates from a list in Python

Choosing the best method depends on your specific needs. If order preservation is crucial, use list comprehension. If efficiency is a priority, consider set conversion.

Jul 09, 2024#python

Different ways to remove elements from a list in Python

There are several ways to remove elements from a list by value, first, last, specific index, or event multiple positions by a creteria. Each suited to different situations and needs.

Jul 08, 2024#python

When to use weak vs unowned references in Swift

Remember, weak is for cases where the reference might become nil, while unowned assumes it won’t. Choose wisely based on your specific use case.

Jul 07, 2024#swift#xcode#debug

Different ways to sort a list of tuples in Python

Sorting a list of tuples in Python can be done in various ways depending on the specific criteria like first element, specific element, multiple elements, or in reverse order.

Jul 06, 2024#python

How to use @ViewBuilder in SwiftUI

In SwiftUI, @ViewBuilder is a special attribute used to build views. It is a result builder that allows you to construct views in a more declarative and readable manner.

Jul 04, 2024#swiftui

How to extract .gz or .tar.gz files on Linux

While gzip itself works on single files, it is commonly used in conjunction with tar to handle multiple files and directories, providing a versatile solution.

Jul 03, 2024#linux#cli#bash