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2022 in Review

Another year has come and gone. This is my annual look back at the headline grabbing news events of the past 12 months tells the story in tech.

Dec 29, 2022#blog#career

Feel Behind in Life

After high school or college, we start going off on different paths, and the comparison about “who’s ahead” and “who’s behind” starts to gets murky.

May 03, 2022#blog#career

Career Traps

I often come across people who are clearly trapped in their jobs. They know something’s not working for them but struggle to pinpoint what that is or why it’s so.

Apr 09, 2022#blog#career

Cracking the Frontend Interview, Part 1: Overview

What to focus technically when preparing for the frontend developer interview.

Cracking the iOS Interview

iOS is a small niche in software development, and the scope of knowledge you need to cover is quite stable over the years.

How to Embrace Working From Home

Working from home as remote or indie developer is a real challenge with tons of distractions, deep work is way better than long hours.

Aug 18, 2021#blog#career

Competitive Programming Shaped My Life

The problem solving skills I learned from competitive programming were probably a substantial factor in helping me through my career.

Aug 07, 2021#career

Technical Blogging, Part 3: Grammar

Grammar is an essential part of technical writing to create clear and grammatically correct articles.

May 11, 2021#career#writing

Are You Actually Good at CSS?

Assess your CSS proficiency today after years of styling websites, you might be shocked at how much you don't know.

Technical Blogging, Part 4: Traffic

Practical guides to build and maintain three essential traffic sources including organic, referral, and direct.

Mar 13, 2021#career#writing