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Leading Software Development Trends for 2024

In today's fast-paced tech scene, savvy developers gain an advantage by understanding evolving trends which enable them to offer innovative solutions regularly.

How to become an SDET: A step-by-step career guide

How to become an SDET is one of the major search terms by tech aspirants who want to get into tech careers and seasonal personnel who want to start a new career.

Apr 01, 2024#career

The impact of AI on job market

Will AI take over our jobs, leaving millions of people unemployed? Or will it create new job opportunities, leading to a brighter future for the workforce.

Mar 06, 2024#career#work#jobs

How to spot confident idiots

The trouble with ignorance is that it feels so much like expertise. That's the whole paradox, isn't it? Ignorance can be so convincing, disguising itself as knowledge and experience.

Mar 06, 2024#career

On the rise of indie makers

The term "indie" is short for "independent," indicating that these makers operate outside of large corporate structures or traditional employment settings.

Mar 06, 2024#career

Less is "not" more

The mantra "less is more" has captivated minds for generations, advocating for simplicity, minimalism, and the elimination of excess.

Mar 06, 2024#career

A project of your own

There is something special about working on a project of your own. I wouldn't say exactly that you're happier. A better word would be excited, or engaged.

Mar 06, 2024#career

People don't change: A myth or reality?

This saying often stems from observations that people tend to exhibit consistent patterns of behavior and personality traits throughout their lives.

Mar 06, 2024#career

Living a simple life

One of the benefits of living a simple life is that it can allow us to take more risks, whether that means pursuing a new career path, starting a business, or embarking on an adventure.

Mar 06, 2024#career

Skills mismatch (A silent career killer)

Skills mismatch refers to a discrepancy between the skills employers are looking for and the skills you possess. Think of it like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.