How to become an SDET: A step-by-step career guide

Apr 01, 2024#career

How to become an SDET is one of the major search terms by tech aspirants who want to get into tech careers and seasonal personnel who want to start a new career. As the world is becoming technologically advanced, the reliance on applications and software has made tech companies provide better application experiences. This is where the role of SDET becomes crucial for several reasons.

So, if you are searching the ways to become an SDET then it is fine and it can be a great way to get into this field that lets you learn the best of the tech industry from coding to QA expert. This is our step-by-step guide where you can learn to become an SDET for a better future.

Acquire the necessary skills

An SDET is all about writing code that will not be only helpful in software development but also test its performance as well. You will efficiently need to learn software development and testing. You will need to be familiar with at least one programming language such as Java, Python, or C++ along with testing frameworks like Selenium or Appium.

Furthermore, you will also have to learn about software development methods such as Agile and DevOps, that are widely used in the industry.

Gain practical experience

Learning the theory is important. Though SDET bootcamps will focus on providing practical knowledge which is essential learning theory is also important. This will play an important role in making you proficient in software development and testing.

You should also consider internships, part-time jobs, or freelance opportunities. These will allow you to gain practical experience in writing code, debugging software, and designing test cases.

Specialize in automation testing

An SDET is considered a valuable individual in tech because it can automate the testing process. So it’s important to gain experience in automation. You should learn about automation testing using tools like Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, or JUnit. Mastering automation testing will not only make you more valuable but will enhance your performance as an SDET.

Stay updated on industry trends

The tech landscape is evolving every day. The field of software development and testing is constantly evolving. Now we are witnessing new tools, technologies, and methodologies becoming standard. You will need to stay updated on industry trends. Attend conferences, participate in online forums, and read blogs like the one from Wedevx to learn about the SDET, the latest trends and software testing, and quality assurance.

Build a strong professional network

One of the best parts of becoming the SDET is the networking. You can connect with professionals in the field and talk about software development and testing with the help of platforms like LinkedIn, professional organizations, and networking events. Networking is one of the most crucial parts of becoming an SDET. This can help you open doors to new opportunities and help you stay updated about the latest industry trends.

Consider certification

Though some experts don’t consider them important obtaining the certifications will help you to appear more authoritative and demonstrate your expertise and dedication to potential employers. Consider obtaining the SDET certification so you will not only have the experience but stand out from the crowd as well.

Becoming an SDET can be a rewarding career. You will not only learn about the best skills of coding and development but will have a career path that isn’t just future-proof but will help you consistently learn.