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How to catch different errors in Swift

In Swift you cannot rely on the compiler to check the error type for you, you have to use runtime checks or type casting to determine what kind of error you are dealing with.

Oct 08, 2023#swift#ios

How to use lazy variables in Swift

This can be useful when the initial value of a variable is expensive to compute, or when it is not needed until it is actually used in the code.

Sep 27, 2023#swift#ios

How to use xcconfig files in Xcode projects

You can create as many xcconfig files as you want, and you can specify different build configuration files for debug and release builds, and for different platforms and architectures.

Jul 21, 2023#xcode#swift#ios

How to uninstall Xcode and clear its junk completely

Uninstalling Xcode can be tricky due to its junk data. You must locate multiple files, folders, and dependencies that need to be removed to free up space.

Jun 27, 2023#xcode#how-to#ios

What apps and services are contained in iCloud?

It's a suite of cloud-based technologies and services, which provide users with seamless synchronization, backup, and access to their data across Apple devices and browsers.

Jun 23, 2023#apple#ios#macos

Unlocking the Power of Macros in Swift 5.9

Macros are a feature present in a number of languages that allow one to perform some kind of transformation on the program's input source code to produce a different program.

Jun 19, 2023#swift#ios

iOS Deep Linking: URL Schemes vs Universal Links

There are two ways to implement deep linking in iOS: Define your own custom schemes, or use standard HTTP or HTTPS links that can open your app if it is installed.

How to show in-app web browser in iOS apps

In iOS, an in-app browser is a component of an app that allows users to view web content within the app, rather than opening the default browser app.

May 07, 2023#swift#ios

SwiftUI .task() vs .onAppear()

Both view modifiers that can be used to run some code when a view is shown but there are some differences between them. In general, .task() is more powerful and convenient but only available in iOS 15 or later.

Apr 22, 2023#swiftui#swift#ios

How to print unique items of a array in Swift

In Swift, an array is a collection of values that can be of any type. Sometimes, you may want to print only the unique items of an array….