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How to declare array type in TypeScript

Arrays in TypeScript are very similar to JavaScript arrays, but TypeScript provides you with the power of static typing, type inference, and type annotations.

How to encode and decode base64 in JavaScript

Base64 works by dividing the input data into groups of three bytes (24 bits) and then converting each group into four characters from the 64-character alphabet.

Oct 17, 2023#javascript#how-to

How to compare two dates correctly in JavaScript

Comparing dates in JavaScript is essential for tasks like event scheduling, data sorting, and ensuring chronological accuracy in web applications.

Oct 15, 2023#javascript#how-to

Remove leading zeros from a string in JavaScript

Leading zeros can introduce inconsistencies in data formatting, hinder mathematical operations, and affect how information is displayed to users.

Oct 12, 2023#javascript#how-to

How to perform deep equality checks in JavaScript

Deep equality means that two values are equal if they have the same properties and values, regardless of whether they are the same object or not.

Oct 11, 2023#javascript#how-to

How to add days to current date in JavaScript

Learn how to use the Date object and its methods or open-source date time libraries to easily add days to the current date in JavaScript with this simple tutorial.

Sep 28, 2023#javascript#how-to

How to merge arrays in JavaScript

Learn the art of merging arrays in JavaScript with ease. Discover simple techniques to combine, concatenate, or merge arrays in your web development projects.

Sep 10, 2023#javascript#how-to

5 ways to merge two objects in JavaScript

Merging two objects in JavaScript is a common task that you may encounter when working with data. There are different ways like spread operator, Object.assign, or libraries.

Sep 09, 2023#javascript#how-to

How to break out of forEach loop in JavaScript

There is no official way to break out of a forEach loop in JavaScript. However, there are some workarounds and alternatives that can achieve the same effect.

Sep 08, 2023#javascript#how-to

5 ways to concatenate strings in JavaScript

In JavaScript, you can concatenate strings by using many methods like + operator, concat() method, join() method, += operator, or template literals.

Sep 07, 2023#javascript#how-to