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How to fix ReferenceError window is not defined

You'll encounter the "ReferenceError: window is not defined" error when you try to access the window object in an environment where it's not available.

How to redirect to new URL in JavaScript

For simple redirections without the need for advanced routing features, using vanilla JavaScript is often sufficient.

Dec 13, 2023#javascript#webdev

How to add the same event listener to multiple elements in JavaScript

You can query all elements and attach event listener to each of of them, or take advantage of event bubbling by just attaching one event listener to a common parent element.

7 ways to scroll an element in JavaScript

There are many ways to scroll the window or an element to a specific position, by a specific amount, or into the visible area, with different options for alignment and smoothness.

How to design a URL shortening service like Bitly

An URL shortening service is a web app that converts a long URL into a short URL. It does this by using a redirect, which is a link that connects the short URL to the long one.

HTTP Versions: HTTP/1.x, HTTP/2, HTTP/3

HTTP is a key topic in web development and web performance optimization. Understanding the differences between the versions of HTTP can help you choose the best option.

May 22, 2023#webdev#comparison

Top 6 end-to-end testing frameworks for web apps

End-to-end testing is essential for web development, as it can detect bugs and errors that may not be visible in unit or integration testing; Playwright, Cypress, Puppeteer, Selenium.

Top 6 authentication methods web developer must know

Auth methods between clients and servers are crucial for ensuring secure and trusted communication in various online systems, such as websites, applications, and network services.

May 14, 2023#webdev#lists

Hot Module Replacement (HMR)

A powerful feature of web bundlers that helps developers iterate quickly and see real-time updates during development, enhancing the development experience and productivity.

May 13, 2023#webdev

How to use fetch() with CORS and credentials

You need to specify some options in the second parameter of the method. The most important ones are: "mode", "credentials", "headers".