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Difference between tuples and arrays in TypeScript

Tuples can store only a fixed number of elements and types at each index, while arrays can store any combination of types and the order is not important.

Difference between @objc and @nonobjc in Swift

In Swift, @objc is used to expose a method, property, or class to Objective-C, while @nonobjc is used to explicitly hide an entity from Objective-C.

Jul 25, 2023#swift#comparison

Difference between callAsFunction and @dynamicCallable in Swift

The main difference between callAsFunction and @dynamicCallable is that the former is more static and type-safe, while the latter is more dynamic and flexible.

Jul 23, 2023#swift#comparison

Difference between useState and useReducer

Both React hooks allow you to manage state, useState is suitable for basic state management, useReducer is better suited for handling complex state changes or actions.

Diferrence between Set and OptionSet in Swift

Set is a generic type that can store any type that conforms to the Hashable, OptionSet is a protocol that can be adopted by custom types that store a fixed-size sequence of bits.

Jul 18, 2023#swift#comparison

Differrence between useMemo and useCallback

Both hooks help optimize performance by memoizing values in React app, useCallback returns a memoized callback function, useMemo returns a memoized value.

Difference Between Debounce and Throttle

Debounce is concerned with delaying the invocation until a period of inactivity has passed, while throttle focuses on limiting the frequency of invocations to a predefined interval.

Jul 08, 2023#cs#comparison

Tailwind CSS vs Bootstrap in 2023

Both have their strengths and can be effective for different types of projects. Consider your specific needs, development workflow, and design preferences when making a decision.

Difference between useEffect and useLayoutEffect

Both are used to perform side effects, the main difference is execution timing, useEffect runs asynchronously after painting, useLayoutEffect runs synchronously before painting.

Jul 01, 2023#react#comparison

Inline vs External SVGs in React

Inline SVGs provide direct control and flexibility, while external SVGs offer better modularity, reusability, and easier collaboration between designers and developers.

Jun 17, 2023#react#comparison