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HTTP Versions: HTTP/1.x, HTTP/2, HTTP/3

HTTP is a key topic in web development and web performance optimization. Understanding the differences between the versions of HTTP can help you choose the best option.

May 22, 2023#webdev#comparison

Sync, callback, and promise based APIs in Node.js

"async/await" syntax in newer versions of Node.js simplifies working with promises, making asynchronous code resemble synchronous code in terms of readability and flow control.

May 11, 2023#node#comparison

The differences between "var" and "let" in JavaScript

In JavaScript, there are two types of variable declarations: "var" and "let". Both keywords are used to declare variables, but they have some key differences in their behavior and scope.

Type Narrowing vs Type Casting in TypeScript

Type narrowing allows you to access properties and methods that are only available on certain types, and also helps TypeScript to catch errors and bugs at compile time.

A Comprehensive Comparison of Swift and Objective-C

Swift and Objective-C are two programming languages used for developing iOS, macOS, and watchOS applications. Objective-C has been the….

State Management in SwiftUI

SwiftUI ships with a handful of property wrappers that enable us to declare exactly how our data is observed, rendered and mutated by our views.