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Difference between compactMap and flatMap in Swift

Method compactMap removes nil results from optional value sequences during transformation, and flatMap flattens nested sequences into a single level sequence.

How to use variadic parameters in Swift

Variadic parameters are useful when you want to create a function that can take any number of arguments of a specific type without specifying them individually.

When to use computed properties or methods in Swift

Both computed properties and methods can provide dynamic behavior, allowing you to calculate values or perform actions based on the current state of an instance.

Feb 26, 2024#swift#ios

How to capitalize first letter in Swift

Capitalizing first letter of each word, the first letter of a sentence, or all caps lies in the specific style and purpose of text presentation.

Jan 28, 2024#swift#strings

How to dismiss a sheet in SwiftUI

There are several ways to dismiss views in SwiftUI like using a @Binding variable, dismiss environment value or deprecated presentationMode.

Jan 07, 2024#swiftui#swift#ios

How to create a custom URLSession in Swift

It's important to consider the specific requirements of your tasks and choose the appropriate session type and configuration accordingly.

Jan 06, 2024#swift#ios#network

Difference between Binding and Bindable in SwiftUI

Binding creates a two-way connection, while Bindable create bindings to the mutable properties of an observable object.

How to compare two strings in Swift

One of the basic operations in Swift is to compare two strings for equality or order. There are different ways to do that, depending on your needs.

Nov 28, 2023#swift#strings

How to catch different errors in Swift

In Swift you cannot rely on the compiler to check the error type for you, you have to use runtime checks or type casting to determine what kind of error you are dealing with.

Oct 08, 2023#swift#errors

How to use lazy variables in Swift

This can be useful when the initial value of a variable is expensive to compute, or when it is not needed until it is actually used in the code.

Sep 27, 2023#swift#ios