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Swift Memory Safety

The conflicting access discussed here can happen on a single thread and doesn’t involve concurrent or multithreaded code.

Swift Global Actors

Global actors make it possible to safely work with global variables in a concurrent program, as well as modeling other global program constraints.

Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)

In a nutshell, GCD consists of language features, runtime libraries, and system enhancements to support concurrency in Apple platforms.

Jul 20, 2022iosconcurrency

iOS Operation Queues

One way to perform operations concurrently in iOS is with the Operation and OperationQueue classes built on top of GCD.

Swift `async let` Bindings

A simple way, similar to a `let` binding, to create child tasks and await their results using `async let` declarations.

Swift Concurrency Model

Everything you need to build elegant asynchronous apps after concurrency features introduced in Swift 5.5 like async/await, Tasks, and Actors.