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What's New in Swift 5.10

Swift 5.10 accomplishes full data isolation in the concurrency language model. This important milestone has taken years of active development over many releases.

What's New in Swift 5.9

This version will include features like convenience async stream methods, if and switch expressions, importing Objective-C forward declarations, discarding task groups.

What's New in Swift 5.8

Swift has a formal process for proposing and accepting changes to the language, known as the Swift Evolution Process which covers all….

What's New in Swift 5.7

Swift 5.7, included in Xcode 14 Beta, introduces a whole spectrum of changes, from smaller syntax improvements to larger generics and concurrency updates.

What's New in Swift 5.6

Swift 5.6 includes a number of enhancements to the type system, improved interaction with pointers, and adds the ability to run new plugin….

What's New in Swift 5.5

The biggest features in Swift 5.5 all revolve around its new and improved concurrency features. There’s actors, async/await, and more. With….