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Top 9 React Carousel Components in 2024

These are pre-built and reusable components that facilitate the creation of image sliders, content carousels, or slideshow presentations in React applications.

May 17, 2024#react#libs#lists

How to stop useEffect run twice since React 18

One of StrictMode checks is to intentionally render your components twice in development mode, to detect any unintended side effects or state mutations, but not in production mode.

Jul 25, 2023#react#how-to

Difference between useState and useReducer

Both React hooks allow you to manage state, useState is suitable for basic state management, useReducer is better suited for handling complex state changes or actions.

Differrence between useMemo and useCallback

Both hooks help optimize performance by memoizing values in React app, useCallback returns a memoized callback function, useMemo returns a memoized value.

Top 10 JavaScript PDF Libraries

These help to streamline workflows, save time, and improve efficiency when dealing with repetitive tasks related to PDF generation, manipulation, and processing.

Difference between useEffect and useLayoutEffect

Both are used to perform side effects, the main difference is execution timing, useEffect runs asynchronously after painting, useLayoutEffect runs synchronously before painting.

Jul 01, 2023#react#comparison

Top 9 React Chart Libraries

These libraries provide a set of components and utilities that make it easier to display data visualizations, including bars, lines, pies, areas, scatter plots, and more.

Jun 25, 2023#react#libs#lists

Inline vs External SVGs in React

Inline SVGs provide direct control and flexibility, while external SVGs offer better modularity, reusability, and easier collaboration between designers and developers.

Jun 17, 2023#react#comparison

What is Strict Mode in React?

In React, Strict Mode is a feature that enables a set of additional runtime checks and warnings for common pitfalls. When you enable Strict….

Apr 19, 2023#react

Learn ReactJS

If any JavaScript project has taken the front end ecosystem by storm in recent years, that would be React.