React Carousel Components

Sep 06, 2021#react#libs#lists

Carousel components are a staple in many applications, and no wonder — they are a great way to draw focus to images without overwhelming the user or cluttering the page

  • Flicking - Reliable flexible and extendable carousel, easy-to-use and performant infinite slider, provides various scroll movement types, and supports all major web frameworks (React, Vue, Angular).
  • React Awesome Slider - A 60fps, extendable, highly customizable, production ready React Component that renders a media (image/video) gallery slider/carousel.
  • React Slick - This library is the port of jQuery slick library which is fully responsive, scales with its container, infinite looping, fully accessible with arrow key navigation, and more.
  • React Image Gallery - React carousel image gallery component with thumbnail support, mobile swipe gestures, custom rendered slides, responsive design, etc.
  • React Responsive Carousel - A powerful, lightweight and fully customizable carousel component for React apps.
  • Pure React Carousel - A highly impartial suite of React components that can be assembled by the consumer to create a responsive and aria compliant carousel with almost no limits on DOM structure or CSS styles.
  • Nuka Carousel - A pure React carousel component, actively maintained by Formidable.