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Headless CMS

A comprehensive list of headless CMS for content management, useful for developers, marketers, or copywriters.

Web Template Languages

Template language makes it possible to re-use the static elements that define the layout of a webpage, while dynamically populating the page with data.

Browser Engines

Browser engines themselves have names that are distinct and separate from the names of the browsers.

Sep 07, 2021#webdev#lists

Cloud Providers

Companies offering a cloud-based platform, infrastructure, application, or storage.

Continuous Integration Tools

Notable continuous integration and continuous delivery tools or services.

Cross Platform App Frameworks

Top development frameworks to build both iOS and Android apps from a single codebase.

React Boilerplates

Notable boilerplates, starter kits, and examples to help you start a React project in no time.

React Charting Libraries

Notable libraries to draw charts and visualize data in React.

Sep 07, 2021#react#libs#lists

Node Command-Line Libraries

Notable utility libraries to build next beautiful, interactive, easy-to-use command-line apps.

Sep 06, 2021#node#libs#lists

Node Frameworks

Top server-side frameworks to build application servers run on Node.