Learn ReactJS

Updated Sep 15, 2022#react#learning-path

If any JavaScript project has taken the front end ecosystem by storm in recent years, that would be React. React is a library built and open-sourced by the smart people at Facebook. In React, developers write components for their web interface and compose them together.

React brings about many radical ideas and encourages developers to rethink best practices. For many years, web developers were taught that it was a good practice to write HTML, JavaScript and CSS separately. React does the exact opposite, and encourages that you write your HTML and CSS in your JavaScript instead. This sounds like a crazy idea at first, but after trying it out, it actually isn’t as weird as it sounds initially.

Over the years, new view libraries that are even more performant than React have emerged. React may not be the fastest library out there, but in terms of the ecosystem, overall usage experience and benefits, it is still one of the greatest.

React Concepts

React Ecosystem