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Difference Between Debounce and Throttle

Debounce is concerned with delaying the invocation until a period of inactivity has passed, while throttle focuses on limiting the frequency of invocations to a predefined interval.

Jul 08, 2023#cs#comparison

Internationalization (i18n) vs Localization (l10n)

i18n is the process of designing and developing software to be adaptable to different languages and regions, while l10n involves customizing the application for specific locales.

Jun 22, 2023#cs#i18n#l10n

Difference between white-box and black-box testing

While white-box testing is mostly done by developers and applies to lower-level testing, black-box testing is done by the QA team at higher levels.

Jun 22, 2023#cs#testing

The SOLID principles of object-oriented software design

The SOLID principles are a collection of five principles, each representing a specific guideline for designing software modules or classes.

Design Principles

These principles establish practices that lend to developing software with considerations for maintaining and extending as the project grows.

Reactive Programming

Reactive programming basically means relying on entities emitting elements, subscribing to its changes and reacting to those changes.

Sep 02, 2022#cs#reactive