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The SOLID principles of object-oriented software design

The SOLID principles are a collection of five principles, each representing a specific guideline for designing software modules or classes.

Swift Advanced Custom Pattern Matching

When you use pattern matching in Swift, the compiler uses the `~=` operator behind the scenes to match the value against each case pattern.

A Beginner Guide to Pattern Matching in Swift

In Swift, pattern matching is a powerful feature that can be used to match values against a set of patterns, including ranges, optionals….

Design Principles

These principles establish practices that lend to developing software with considerations for maintaining and extending as the project grows.

VIPER Architectural Pattern

Like MVC or MVVM, but it separates the code further by single responsibility: View, Interactor, Presenter, Entity and Router.

Jul 16, 2022#ios#patterns

React Component Patterns

Essential design patterns to create React components like hooks, provider, context, render props, higher order components, or compound components.

Mar 12, 2022#react#patterns

iOS Architectural Patterns (MVC, MVVM, VIPER)

Each architecture has pros and cons, MVC is everywhere, MVVM is community favorite, and VIPER is unnecessary complicated. Though these….