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Skills mismatch (A silent career killer)

Skills mismatch refers to a discrepancy between the skills employers are looking for and the skills you possess. Think of it like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

How to design a URL shortening service like Bitly

An URL shortening service is a web app that converts a long URL into a short URL. It does this by using a redirect, which is a link that connects the short URL to the long one.

How Senior Developers Sabotage Interviews

We'll explore some reasons why experienced developers may fail in coding interviews, be aware and to take steps to improve, and ultimately increase chances of success.

Top 10 Classic Interview Questions with Answers

Before the interview, research the company and the position, and think about the questions that the interviewer may ask. Practice your….

iOS Interview Questions (SwiftUI)

Preparing for a SwiftUI interview involves a combination of learning the fundamental concepts of SwiftUI and practicing building user interfaces with the framework.

iOS Interview Questions (Swift)

Preparing for an iOS interview requires you to take considerable amount of time to review Swift language features.

Cracking the Frontend Interview, Part 1: Overview

What to focus technically when preparing for the frontend developer interview.

Cracking the iOS Interview

iOS is a small niche in software development, the scope of knowledge you need to cover is quite stable over the years, and primarily using….

Cracking the Frontend Interview, Part 6: WebDev

A learning path to cover all important web development concepts to build a world-class modern website ultimately.

Cracking the Frontend Interview, Part 5: React

React is the hottest technology in web development nowadays, working on it is exciting but preparing for interviews is really a pain in the neck.