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Web Manifests: The Key to PWAs Success

Web manifest is a simple JSON file that provides metadata about a web app, including essential information for web apps to behave like native apps on mobile devices.

Mar 20, 2023#webdev#javascript

JavaScript Source Maps Demystified

This mapping allows developers to view and debug the original source code, even when the production code has been compressed and optimized for performance.

Unpacking the Magic of Web Minification

The minified file version provides the same functionality while reducing the bandwidth of network requests, which can result in faster page load times and better overall user experience.

JavaScript Polyfills

A polyfill is a piece of code that allows developers to use newer JavaScript features on older browsers that do not support those features.

Top 10 Sites to Learn Web Development

There are a vast number of websites, blogs, forums, and other online resources that cover web development, ranging from beginner-level….

Tauri - Build Desktop Apps with Rust & Web Technologies

Tauri uses a combination of Rust tools and HTML rendered in a Webview, which can control the system via message passing.

Top 6 Modern Web Bundlers

Nowadays, almost every web developer uses one bundler or another. Currently, Vite is the fastest-growing major bundler adopted by many frameworks.

Feb 08, 2023#webdev#bundling

Mastering Web Development

Before you dive into the various aspects of building a JavaScript web app, it is important to get familiar with the language of the web and its concepts.

Mar 17, 2022#webdev#books

Headless CMS

A comprehensive list of headless CMS for content management, useful for developers, marketers, or copywriters.

Web Template Languages

Template language makes it possible to re-use the static elements that define the layout of a webpage, while dynamically populating the page with data.