Top 10 web browsers not based on Chromium

They differentiate themselves by prioritizing privacy, customization, legacy support, efficiency or platform integration over the dominant Chromium-based browsers.

How to check if a variable is number in Python

You can check if a variable is a number by using the isinstance() function, which checks if an object is an instance of a particular class or a subclass thereof.

Apr 29, 2024#python

How to dismiss keyboard in SwiftUI

The primary way is to use the @FocusState property wrapper in conjunction with the .focused modifier to control the keyboard’s visibility.

Apr 28, 2024#swiftui

Using custom environment values in SwiftUI

Custom environment values are useful when you have data that multiple views need access to, but you don't want to pass them down manually through each view's initializer.

Apr 25, 2024#swiftui

A deep dive into @MainActor in Swift

This is a global actor that describes the main thread, pretty handy given how often you need to make quick changes that update the user interface.

Apr 24, 2024#swift#concurrency

What are main() and __name__ in Python?

Unlike some other programming languages, Python doesn’t have a specific built-in main() function that is automatically executed when the program starts.

Apr 20, 2024#python

How to filter a list in Python

Python offers versatile list filtering through list comprehensions, filter() function with lambda expressions, or comprehensible conditional statements for concise data manipulation.

Apr 11, 2024#python

An example using builder pattern in Swift

The builder pattern allows you to create objects with varying configurations without the need to have multiple constructors with different parameter combinations.

How to install sqlite3 on macOS

SQLite comes pre-installed on macOS, so you typically don't need to install it separately. If not you have a few options to install it using Homebrew or download from the official website.

Different ways to parse JSON data in Swift

Choose Codable for well-defined JSON structures, JSONSerialization for simple parsing tasks or legacy codebases, and SwiftyJSON for dynamic or exploratory parsing needs.

Apr 07, 2024#swift#json