Node Job Queue Libraries

Sep 06, 2021#node#libs#lists

Queues can solve many different problems in an elegant way, from smoothing out processing peaks to creating robust communication channels between micro-services or offloading heavy work from one server to many smaller workers, and many other cases.

  • Bull - The fastest, most reliable, Redis-based queue for Node. Carefully written for rock solid stability and atomicity. Support delayed jobs, cron jobs, retries, priority, concurrency, automatic recovery, etc.
  • Kue - Priority job queue backed by redis, built for Node. Support delayed jobs, job event and progress pubsub, job TTL, retries, etc.
  • Agenda - Lightweight MongoDB-based job scheduling for Node. Scheduling with configurable priority, concurrency, and repeating. Great if you need a MongoDB job scheduler.
  • Bee Queue - Simple, fast, robust job/task queue for Node.js, backed by Redis, designed with concurrency, atomicity, and failure in mind.