Top 5 SOHCAHTOA Calculators To Use In 2024

Mar 05, 2024#math#tools#lists

In mathematics, trigonometry has always been a complicated and tricky subject. But at the same time, the subject is so easy if you show interest.

One of the major topics in trigonometry is SOHCAHTOA, which will be today’s topic of discussion as well. Sohachtoa defines baseline in trig ratios and without it, you can not master the art of trigonometric ratios.

Gone are the days when students were confused about the trick that could help them in solving trig ratios. Now with the help of an online trigonometry calculator, you can solve basic triangle ratios in less than a second.

Best SOHCAHTOA Calculators In 2024

The following are the best calculators to solve trigonometric values:

Calculator Online

This brand offers an unbeatable sohcahtoa calculator that helps everyone solve trigonometry in a couple of clicks. Being loaded with simple UI, the calculator will let you use it without any human assistance.

With that, you can use it anywhere and unlimited times with just a simple internet connectivity. With the help of this tool, you can analyze trig graphs more easily and fastly.

Why To Choose?

  • Free-to-use tool with pre-loaded trigonometric functions
  • User-friendly interface that is suitable for any student or lecturer
  • You can visualize the calculated results with the help of a graphical representation
  • The best tool considered for trigonometric calculations


The brand is another competitor site that combines the fumes of calculus and trigonometry. With its advanced sohcahtoa calculator, you can create dynamic graphs as per the trig ratios calculated.

Adding more, the integration of a friendly interface with a strong back-end algorithm makes the tool a reliable choice for students and teachers.

Why To Choose?

  • Programmed to solve geometry, calculus, and algebra functionalities
  • Graph plotting functionality is integrated into the calculator
  • Catchy interface that lets anyone use the tool without skiing anyone
  • Filled up with extensive library support at the back-end

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator:

If you are a handheld device user, then the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator is one of the best choices for you. Using this calculator, you can solve all basic trig ratios in seconds. Solving trig ratios instantly makes it possible for you to master the art of SOHCAHTOA problems.

You can easily recharge the battery of the calculator. Each function of the tool is programmed to assist you in solving trigonometry ratios.

Why To Choose?

  • Handheld device with trigonometric functions including sine, cosine, and tangent
  • Large color display for clear visualization of graphs and calculations
  • Rechargeable battery for extended use
  • Programmability for customization and advanced functionality

Wolfram Alpha

Want to drive a computation engine that helps you carry on different types of mathematical calculations? Use Wolfram Alpha, an advanced platform developed to tackle your needs for immediate and accurate calculations.

Whether you are looking to solve any trigonometric problem, the platform helps you do that with unmatched accuracy. You can get a stepwise solution that also clears your concept behind as well.

Why To Choose?

  • A calculation engine that can solve your mathematical problems in a click
  • Get a complete stepwise solution to understand the problem better
  • Comprehensive results


As the name signifies, this sohcahtoa triangle calculator will help you solve any confusing trig combinations.

Why To Choose?

  • Online calculator specializing in symbolic mathematics
  • Advanced algorithms for solving trigonometric equations and simplifying expressions
  • Detailed explanations of each step in the solution process
  • Subscription-based service offering premium features such as step-by-step solutions and tailored practice problems.

People Also Ask


In trigonometry,

“SOHCAHTOA is a mnemonic that helps you remember trigonometric ratios easily”

  • SOH = Sine
  • CAH = Cosine
  • TOA = Tangent


The sohcahtoa calculator functions based on the following basic trig ratio values against different measurements of angles:

° π/6 π/4 π/3 π/2
sin 1/2 √2/2 √3/2 1
cos 1 √2/2 √3/2 0
tan 0 1 √3 undefined