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How to return exit status codes in Bash

In Bash, exit codes (also known as return codes or status codes) are numeric values returned by executed commands or scripts to indicate the result of their execution.

Aug 23, 2023#bash

How to use "case" statement in Bash

It allows you to test a variable or an expression against a set of patterns and execute a block of code corresponding to the first matching pattern.

Aug 17, 2023#bash

How to use printf command in Bash

In Bash, the printf command is used to format and print text to the terminal. It works similarly to the printf function in other programming languages.

Aug 17, 2023#bash

How to use shebang #! in Bash

A special line that tells the operating system which interpreter to use to execute the rest of the script, also used in other scripting languages, such as Python, Perl, and Ruby.

Aug 09, 2023#bash

How to use functions in Bash

Similar to functions in other programming languages, a Bash function takes input arguments, processes them, and may produce output results.

Aug 08, 2023#bash

How to compare strings in Bash

String comparisons in Bash are essential for various scripting scenarios including validating user input, checking for specific patterns, or sorting data.

Aug 07, 2023#bash

How to write while loop in Bash

While loops are commonly used to process files, read input, validate data, or perform any task that requires iterative execution until a specific condition is met.

Aug 06, 2023#bash

How to split a string into array in Bash

The most common approach is to use the IFS variable to specify the delimiter character and then use read or parameter expansion to split the string.

Aug 04, 2023#bash

How to write for loop in Bash

With the for loop, Bash scripts can efficiently iterate over lists, arrays, file contents, or numerical ranges, making it a powerful tool for automation and repetitive tasks.

Aug 01, 2023#bash

How to check if file or directory exists in Bash

By incorporating these checks, you can create more robust and efficient scripts that gracefully handle various scenarios in the Linux and Unix environments.

Jul 31, 2023#bash