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2022 in Review

Another year has come and gone. This is my annual look back at the headline grabbing news events of the past 12 months tells the story in tech.

Dec 29, 2022#blog#career

Causes of Technical Debt

You can temporarily speed up without writing tests for new features, but this will gradually slow your progress every day until you eventually pay off the debt by writing tests.

Jul 06, 2022#blog

Feel Behind in Life

After high school or college, we start going off on different paths, and the comparison about “who’s ahead” and “who’s behind” starts to gets murky.

May 03, 2022#blog#career

Career Traps

I often come across people who are clearly trapped in their jobs. They know something’s not working for them but struggle to pinpoint what that is or why it’s so.

Apr 09, 2022#blog#career

How to Embrace Working From Home

Working from home as remote or indie developer is a real challenge with tons of distractions, deep work is way better than long hours.

Aug 18, 2021#blog#career

My Favorite Quotes

It's important to do things fast; You learn more per unit time because you make contact with reality more frequently.

Mar 08, 2021#blog#career