03 Best Spanish Paraphrase Tools in 2024

Mar 11, 2024#AI#tools

An AI rewriting tool uses AI algorithms to paraphrase text. By using it, you can create multiple copies of content with a single click. Every copy contains a different style with no grammatical errors. You also control the number of words and passages in an article. This versatility makes a rewording tool equally useful for academic and non-academic writers.

These are the key benefits of using a rewording tool:

  • It paraphrases old blogs into new ones.
  • It helps in getting a high rank on Google’s SERP.
  • It can eliminate plagiarism from an assignment or professional content.
  • It improves the readability of your content.
  • It offers 100% grammatically accurate content.

Based on the above discussion, we believe a rewording tool should be an essential part of every writer’s toolkit. There are plenty of AI rewording tools available on the web. But based on writing quality, paraphrasing modes, and range of options, we have chosen these 3 tools as the best rewording tools of 2024.

1. Parafrasear.org

Compatibility: Windows, Mac & Android Operating systems, and Online Web Browsers

Parafrasear is an award-winning paraphrasing tool. The software uses an advanced GPT-3 model for online paraphrasing of any content. It can also paraphrase English content into the Spanish language, allowing native writers to incorporate the latest research and information into their work. You can add inputs by copy/paste or uploading a file.


The factor that makes Paraphrases shine above its peers is its diversity of paraphrasing modes. You can get 8 different paraphrasing modes to reword an article. They are:

  • Anti-Plagiarism: It rewrites a text with a focus on removing duplication.
  • Essential: This mode aims at paraphrasing while maintaining the critical information/ data intact.
  • Half: It is useful when you require to reduce the length of an article.
  • Rewrite: It rewrites the text without any additional requirements.
  • Creative: It uses AI to add literary nuances to your work.
  • Extreme: It finds a new way of expressing your points.
  • Remove Plagiarism (premium): It uses advanced modules to remove any mild or complex plagiarism from your work.
  • Academic: It focuses on removing duplication from academic works like assignments, essays, or research papers.


Parafrasear.Org is not just a paraphrasing tool, it is a complete writing assistant. It offers additional features to improve the quality of your work. These features are:

  • Grammar Tools: It offers a grammar tools menu including a grammar checker, spell checker, and Spanish checker. It helps in proofreading your article.
  • Writing: This menu contains Essay maker, summarizer, Poem Creator, AI content generator, and translator options.
  • Detectors: This menu contains plagiarism and AI content checkers. You can check the duplication and AI-generated work from there.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Ideal for professionals and novice Spanish Writers
  • Saves time and money
  • 24/7 customer support


  • The advanced ones are paid.
  • The free 5,000-character limit is too little.

Pricing: You can get Parafrasear weekly for $7, monthly for $20, and annual for $150.


2. Reescribirtextos.com

Compatibility: Windows, Mac & Android Operating systems, and Online Web Browsers

Reescribir Textos is like heaven for Spanish writers. The software rewrites an article with an entirely different approach from the original manuscript. This trait is particularly useful for blogging and social media marketing.


Like its predecessor, the Reescribir Textos also offers 8 different paraphrasing modes which are:

  • Anti-Plagiarism: It rewrites A 100% unique copy from the original.
  • Essential: This mode preserves the important parts of content.
  • Half: It reduces the work by 50%.
  • Rewrite: It provides simple paraphrasing.
  • Creative: It provides creative writing.
  • Extreme: It focuses on writing with a contrasting style.
  • Remove Plagiarism (premium): It is an expert at removing medium, complex, and composite plagiarism from work.
  • Academic: It aims at removing academic plagiarism.


You can also utilize these additional features of Reescribir Textos:

  • Grammar tools: The grammar window contains a spell checker, grammar checker, and Spanish checker.
  • Higher Character Limit: The free version can rewrite 20,0000 characters in one search which is greater than its competitors.
  • AI Writing: AI writing allows you to write essays, poems, blogs, and essays. Plus, you can also summarize a text.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Ideal for novice Spanish Writers
  • Saves time and money


  • The advanced ones are paid.
  • The translator is not available.

Pricing: You can get Reescribir Textos weekly for €7, monthly for €15, and annual for €144.


3. Neuralwriter.com

Compatibility: Online web browser

Neural Writer is another high-quality online paraphrasing tool. The software shows great textual and content vocabulary while rewriting. It can rewrite up to 10,000 characters in one search.


It offers 3 paraphrasing modes:

  • Light: It provides quick rewording. It mainly focuses on word replacement.
  • Medium: It generates more unique content as compared to light mode.
  • Hard: It takes the creativity of The Neural Writer to a new level. The content is 100% unique. However, the speed of conversion is a bit slow.

These are the other key features of Neural Writer:

  • Summarize: It offers a high-quality summarizing tool. The summarizer can condense an article between 20-90% of original content per your choice.
  • Translator: It has a built-in translator. The feature can translate content into 27 major languages of the world.
  • Word Counter: It provides a comprehensive word counter that highlights the number of words, characters, reading time, and speaking time.


  • Simple interface
  • Multi-lingual support
  • No premium subscription is needed


  • The easy version is a bit compromised
  • Lacks a grammatical and language checker
  • It does Not have a mobile or desktop version

Pricing: All features are accessible without any premium.

Here is a summary of these tools

Characteristics Parafrsear.Org Reescribir Textos Neural Writer
Compatibility Web Browser
Android & iPhone
Web Browser
Android & iPhone
Web Browser
Paraphrasing Modes 8 8 3
Spell & Grammar Check Included Included N/A
AI Writing Included Included N/A
Free Character Limit 5,000 per search 20,000 per search 10,000 per search
Supported languages 9 9 27

Take Away

Rewording tools are the foundation stone of any online blog and marketing campaign. They provide quick and efficient results without any duplication. For academics, they can remove any complex and composite plagiarism from a writing work. This article highlights the top 3 best rewording tools available in 2024.

We have presented the compatibility, introduction, interface, key features, and pricing of each tool. Pick the tool of your choice and start ruling the internet with impeccable content.