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How to check if a variable is number in Python

You can check if a variable is a number by using the isinstance() function, which checks if an object is an instance of a particular class or a subclass thereof.

Apr 29, 2024#python

What are main() and __name__ in Python?

Unlike some other programming languages, Python doesn’t have a specific built-in main() function that is automatically executed when the program starts.

Apr 20, 2024#python

How to filter a list in Python

Python offers versatile list filtering through list comprehensions, filter() function with lambda expressions, or comprehensible conditional statements for concise data manipulation.

Apr 11, 2024#python

Python's Role In Next-Gen Text Paraphrasing Tools

We will explore and see what the role of Python is—an object-oriented programming language— in the making and working of these next-gen paraphrasing tools.

Mar 15, 2024#tools#python

How to use ternary operator in Python

In Python, the ternary operator is a concise way to write an if-else statement in a single line. It is also known as the conditional expression.

Mar 07, 2024#python

How to print colored terminal text in Python

While traditional terminal output is often monochromatic, introducing colors allows developers to convey information more effectively and intuitively.

Mar 06, 2024#python#cli

How to Summarize Text Using Machine Learning and Python?

ML algorithms can be used to create intelligent systems that can analyze and reduce large materials into brief summaries. This will save time and improve comprehension as well.

Feb 19, 2024#AI#ML#python

How to sleep or delay n seconds in Python

In programming, sleeping or delaying execution refers to intentionally pausing the execution of a program for a specified period of time.

Feb 19, 2024#python#async

How to add Python to PATH on macOS, Linux, Windows

Adding Python to the PATH allows you to run Python commands or scripts from any location in the command prompt or terminal without specifying the full path to the Python executable.

Feb 18, 2024#python#cli

Advanced string formatting with f-strings in Python

F-strings (formatted string literals), introduced in Python 3.6, are a way to embed expressions inside string literals, using curly braces.

Feb 15, 2024#python#strings