Top 7 Software Engineering Podcasts

Software engineering is a fast-paced field with new technologies and techniques emerging regularly. Listening to software engineering podcasts can help you stay current with the latest trends, tools, and practices.

Many software engineering podcasts feature interviews with experts in the field. By listening to these experts, you can learn from their experiences, insights, and perspectives.

Listening to following podcasts can be a valuable way to enhance your knowledge, skills, and career in the field of software engineering.

  1. Software Engineering Radio -> A podcast featuring in-depth conversations with software industry experts and practitioners, covering a wide range of topics in software engineering.

  2. Code Newbie -> A podcast aimed at people who are new to coding or who are looking to learn more about programming. It features interviews with developers and discussions about software engineering concepts.

  3. The Changelog -> A weekly podcast featuring interviews with influential people in the software development community, covering a variety of topics including open source software, web development, programming languages, and more.

  4. CoRecursive -> Hosted by Adam Gordon Bell, an experienced software developer and consultant. Each episode features an in-depth conversation with a guest, where they discuss a range of topics related to software engineering, including programming languages, machine learning, software architecture, and more.

  5. Front End Happy Hour -> A podcast focused on front-end web development, featuring discussions about the latest trends, tools, and techniques used in building modern web applications.

  6. The Bike Shed -> A podcast focused on software development and engineering, featuring discussions about best practices, code review, testing, and more.

  7. Developer Tea -> A podcast focused on helping developers improve their skills and knowledge, featuring short, bite-sized episodes covering a wide range of topics in software engineering.