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How to clear an array in JavaScript

When you say "clear the array" in the context of programming, it generally means removing all the elements from the array, leaving it empty.

Jan 16, 2024#javascript#arrays

How to reverse a string in JavaScript

You can achieve string reversal using array manipulation methods like split, reverse, and join or through loops and other techniques.

How to shuffle an array in JavaScript

When we talk about "shuffling" an array, it means changing the order of the elements within the array in a random or pseudo-random manner.

Jan 15, 2024#javascript#arrays

How to get last element of an array in JavaScript

One common method is to use the array’s length property and subtract one from it, another method is to use the array’s slice() method with a negative index.

Jan 14, 2024#javascript#arrays

Mastering recursive functions in JavaScript

A recursive function typically has a base case that stops the recursion and one or more recursive cases that call the function itself.

When are anonymous functions useful in JavaScript

Anonymous functions are commonly used in IIFEs (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions), callbacks, closures, event handlers, etc.

How to redirect to new URL in JavaScript

For simple redirections without the need for advanced routing features, using vanilla JavaScript is often sufficient.

Dec 13, 2023#javascript#webdev

How to convert an object to an array in JavaScript

Whether you need to extract keys, values, or key-value pairs, Object.keys(), Object.values(), and Object.entries(), each serving a unique purpose in converting objects into arrays.

Check if object property is undefined in JavaScript

There is no definitive answer to when you should check if an object property is null, undefined, or exists, as it depends on the context and the purpose of your code.

How to clone an object in JavaScript

Cloning an object is harder than you think as you have to handle reference types, circular references, functions, special objects, hidden properties.