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Difference between Binding and Bindable in SwiftUI

Binding creates a two-way connection, while Bindable create bindings to the mutable properties of an observable object.

How to create rounded images in SwiftUI

Creating rounded images in your app's UI can be a design choice to enhance the visual appeal and provide a more modern or aesthetically pleasing look.

Dec 04, 2023#swiftui

How to resize image and keep aspect ratio in SwiftUI

By understanding the different content modes and how to use custom aspect ratios, you can ensure your images look great on all devices and screen orientations.

Dec 03, 2023#swiftui#images

SwiftUI .task() vs .onAppear()

Both view modifiers that can be used to run some code when a view is shown but there are some differences between them. In general, .task() is more powerful and convenient but only available in iOS 15 or later.

Apr 22, 2023#swiftui

How to Pass Data Up & Down in SwiftUI

You typically use State and StateObject to hold data as single source of truth, then passing around using binding, custom environment values, or preferences.

Mar 24, 2023#how-to#swiftui

How do you use animations in SwiftUI?

When using SwiftUI, you can individually animate changes to views, or to a view’s state, no matter where the effects are. SwiftUI handles….

Managing Focus State in SwiftUI

Use view modifiers to indicate which views can receive focus, to detect which view has focus, and to programmatically control focus state.

Mar 09, 2023#swiftui

iOS Modal Presentations

You display a modal presentation, like an alert, popover, sheet, or confirmation dialog to draw attention to an important narrowly scoped task.

Mar 07, 2023#ios#swift#swiftui

State management in SwiftUI

SwiftUI ships with a handful of property wrappers that enable us to declare exactly how our data is observed, rendered and mutated by our views.

iOS Interview Questions (SwiftUI)

Preparing for a SwiftUI interview involves a combination of learning the fundamental concepts of SwiftUI and practicing building user interfaces with the framework.