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How to download an image from URL in Node.js

Downloading an image from a URL involves sending a request to the server that hosts the image, receiving the response containing the binary data of the file, and then writing that data to a file.

Mar 16, 2023#node#snippets

Mastering NodeJS

Node has a unique advantage because millions of frontend developers that write JavaScript for the browser are now able to write the server-side code.

Top 12 Libraries to build CLI Tools in Node.js

CLIs are often the core tools for automating tasks. If you find yourself doing the same things over and over again, chances are you can automate those steps with a CLI tool to save time.

Sep 06, 2021#node#libs#lists

Node Database Drivers

Node.js clients to connect to popular databases like MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL.

Sep 06, 2021#node#libs#lists

Node Frameworks

Top server-side frameworks to build application servers run on Node.

Node Job Queue Libraries

Job, message, or task queues implemented in Node.js and backed by databases like Redis or MongoDB.

Sep 06, 2021#node#libs#lists

Node Version Managers

Tools to manage multiple released Node versions.

Node object-relational mappers (ORMs)

Notable object-relational mapping libraries for Node.js and relational database systems.

Nov 06, 2020#node#libs#lists

Node Realtime Libraries

Notable libraries to build real-time features like notifications, messaging, streaming or tracking in Node.

Oct 31, 2020#node#libs#lists

Node Logging Libraries

Notable libraries to write logs in Node applications.

Oct 21, 2020#node#libs#lists