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How to use xcconfig files in Xcode projects

You can create as many xcconfig files as you want, and you can specify different build configuration files for debug and release builds, and for different platforms and architectures.

Jul 21, 2023#xcode#swift#ios

Diferrence between Set and OptionSet in Swift

Set is a generic type that can store any type that conforms to the Hashable, OptionSet is a protocol that can be adopted by custom types that store a fixed-size sequence of bits.

Jul 18, 2023#swift#sets

Unlocking the Power of Macros in Swift 5.9

Macros are a feature present in a number of languages that allow one to perform some kind of transformation on the program's input source code to produce a different program.

Jun 19, 2023#swift

Data Race vs Race Condition in Swift

A data race is when two threads access the same mutable object without synchronization, while a race condition is when the order of events affects the correctness of the program.

May 24, 2023#swift#concurrency

How to filter unique items of an array in Swift

If you don’t care about the order, you can use a Set or Dictionary to remove any duplicates, and then convert it back to an array.

Swift Dynamically Callable Types

The attribute dynamicCallable allows you to mark a type as being directly callable, then you can use a simpler syntax to invoke methods on that type, instead of using dot notation.

Apr 20, 2023#swift

Swift Dynamic Member Lookup Types

The @dynamicMemberLookup attribute enable you to access properties of a type that are not declared at compile time, but resolved at runtime.

Apr 20, 2023#swift

Swift callAsFunction

A special method that allows you to call an instance of a type as if it were a function, useful for creating callable objects that encapsulate some logic or state.

Apr 17, 2023#swift

iOS Interview Questions (UIKit)

UIKit is a framework that was introduced by Apple in 2007 alongside the original iPhone. Today, UIKit remains a crucial part of the iOS development toolkit and is used by developers worldwide.

Apr 14, 2023#ios#swift#uikit

How to encode and decode JSON data in Swift

With Codable, you can easily convert Swift objects to data representations and vice versa, without having to write complex serialization and deserialization code.

Apr 08, 2023#swift#how-to