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iOS Interview Questions (SwiftUI)

You should get busy learning SwiftUI because because it is absolutely the future of app development on Apple platforms.

Learn iOS & Swift

Recommended learning resources to become an iOS developer, so you can spend time learning instead of searching.

iOS Interview Questions (Swift)

Preparing for an iOS interview requires you to take considerable amount of time to review Swift language features.

Swift Memory Safety

The conflicting access discussed here can happen on a single thread and doesn’t involve concurrent or multithreaded code.

Swift Property Wrappers

A property wrapper adds a layer of separation between code that manages how a property is stored and the code that defines a property.

Sep 02, 2022#swift

Swift Protocols

In Swift, a protocol defines a blueprint of methods or properties that can then be adopted by classes or any other types.

Sep 02, 2022#swift

Swift Result Builders

A result builder is a type that builds a nested data structure step by step. You use result builders to implement a domain-specific language (DSL) for creating nested data structures in a natural, declarative way.

Sep 02, 2022#swift

Swift Subscripts

Subscripts can take any number of input parameters, and these input parameters can be of any type. Subscripts can also return a value of any type.

Sep 02, 2022#swift

Swift Actors

An actor is a reference type that protects access to its mutable state, and is introduced with the keyword `actor`.

Jul 30, 2022#swift#swift-5.5

What's New in Swift 5.7

Swift 5.7, included in Xcode 14 Beta, introduces a whole spectrum of changes, from smaller syntax improvements to larger generics and concurrency updates.